VisionMax proudly presents:

The Gaia’s Ark

Elisa is an orphaned girl, who will be the leader of the “Chosen Ones ” She is visited by a magician at her orphanage , who gives her a funny-­looking but ordinary puppet, who will become her “watcher”.


In the future Earth will be almost lifeless. This is why Elisa, a plain looking 13-­year old girl with the greatest power inside of her, is Chosen to lead the group of “The Chosen Ones”. There are five courageous children; each one of them has a WATCHER (inhabiting a puppet). An anonymous leader guides them from the future: he is an environmental scientist who travelled from the present day to the year 2185, where he developed a platform: ” THE GAIA’S ARK”.  This Ark safe keeps the encoded DNA of every species on Earth, that will become extinct in the future.


  • Release date: 08-04-2017
  • Audio Tracks: Dolby Stereo
  • Languages: English / Spanish
  • Director: Victor Vives / Brian Iacono
  • Subtitles: Spanish
  • Runtime: 13 ep x 22 minutes
  • Format: Children Series
  • Aspect Ratio: HD
  • Catalogue: Children Genre 8 to 14
  • Copyright: ETC Media / Visionmax