VisionMax proudly presents:

Car & Country

Car & Country, a television show enchantingly crafted to engage audiences interested in travel
lifestyle, Food, Culture and Supercars.


The series will take you through a scintillating journey through charming country sides around theworld from the windows of super cars, presenting people and their culture, traditions, history, landmarks, cuisine, festivals and carnivals. This show guaranteed to keep audiences riveted.

  • Release date: 01-06-2015
  • Audio Tracks: Dolby
  • Languages: English - Spanish - Italian
  • Director: Victor Vives
  • Runtime: 13 episodes x 24 min
  • Format: LIfestyle - Factual
  • Aspect Ratio: HD
  • Catalogue: Visionmax
  • Copyright: Deepak Norendran 2015