VisionMax proudly presents:

Bubbly Kitchen

Welcome to Bubbly Kitchen, an exciting new series where tweens and teens can laugh out loud as they learn to cook with Alex and his animated sidekick cat, Bronson; stay healthy with the slinky puss, Kitty Keepkit, and then reach for the stars


Each week, the charismatic Alex will prepare a delicious dish from a different country, using an easy to follow recipe, then through Bronson’s home, a magic portal, we meet Kitty who will offer healthy recipes and keep fit tips, and then we zoom around the world to find out where Katie is, and get the low down on the young achievers that she has met, and hear their special stories so that children all around the world can feel empowered to follow in their inspiring footsteps.

  • Release date: 08-09-2017
  • Audio Tracks: Dolby
  • Languages: English / Spanish
  • Director: V. Vives
  • Runtime: 13 x 22 minutes
  • Format: Children Cooking & Learning
  • Aspect Ratio: HD
  • Copyright: Visionmax Productions