Quienes Somos

Visionmax es una compañía productora a nivel Internacional y con una amplia experiencia en el desarrollo de produccion y distribucion  internacional.
Los directores de Visionmax han organizado de manera independiente una serie de exitosos proyectos  en Australia, Asia, Europa y  América del Sur. Visionmax se esfuerza por producir y gestionar las producciones actuales, así como la creación innovadora de ideas para ofrecerle al público una experiencia única e inolvidable, Visionmax tiene una  experiencia significativa en la  producción fílmica y televisiva en Australia y  Asia,  teniendo también  la capacidad de enlazar una red significativa de contactos en toda la  América del sur, así como la gestión de contactos cruciales y creativos en todo el mundo.

Los directores de Visionmax dan a la empresa la experiencia, el conocimiento y la credibilidad dando credenciales inigualables como  productores a nivel internacional.

Our Team                                  

Industry Leaders

Our team members have established reputations as thought-leaders in their areas of expertise and have earned the respect of the industry. We have authored ground breaking practices and delivered keynote addresses on the trends, principles, practices, processes and tools that have driven the film and animation industry of today.


We also 'walk the talk'. Each member has 'real-life, in-the-trenches, hands-on' experience in delivering excellent results. We have been responsible for managing, architecting, designing and delivering a wide range of productions. Today, our team members have an average of 22 years of experience in project management. As a result, we know what it means to be 'under the pump' and are able to provide practical, pragmatic advice on every aspect of filming and development from project conception to final delivery.


The object mentor is different from company to company. In many places, the senior consultants are glorified sales reps responsible for flogging shows after shows. At Visionmax, while we are able to grow our production team when required, our professionals like working on projects. We enjoy solving tough designing problems, difficult challenges and  building quality business relationships. We guarantee to make every production a great success.

Our Mojo

There isn't any project that cannot be done, simply because we believe in our capacity!

- If we can picture it ... we can make it -